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Recently: RISD Museum Tour: Playful Spaces

A tour at the RISD Museum highlighting unseen structural elements of the museum, such as lighting systems, exhibit design, architectural details. Accessible and inspiring discussion of museum experience as designed object.

Projects Archive:

2015 - RISD Museum Tour: Playful Spaces
Frame-breaking museum tour.
2015 - Paragraphs From the House of Slugs
Reflections on a house and its inhabitants.
2015 - Pneumatic Igloo
Intro to inflatable architecture.
2015 - Polynomial Graphs on Finite Fields
Small-scale graph generation & isomorphism investigation.
2015 - Networks & Synchronicity
Introduction to network dynamics.
2015 - A Report on Bottle Caps
Some words on college and friends and beer.
2015 - Thanks for watching.
Performed cleansing.
2015 - Hopscotch
A brand and pair of overalls.
2015 - Studio Applied Math
Treating the math classroom like an atelier.
2014 - non-space
Ephemeral art show.
2014 - HTML Output
Experiments in the browser.
2013 - Tactile Math
Making math easier to play with.
2013 - Stress Analysis in Particulate Flows
Understanding granular stress chains.
2013 - Video Game Maps
Place & space & identity in video games.
2008 - I Love My Scanner
Scanning my drawers.

Quick Résumé:

Currently managing the Brown Design Workshop

TA in Brown's Divison of Applied Math

Technical Researcher at Thicket Labs

Assistant to Richard Fishman for ie/Brown Creativity MBA Workshops

NSF Grant on particulate fluid flows with Martin Maxey

Development for CSF

Some Friends

Josef Plecha, Wintercheck Factory, Jordan Beard, Kevin Hu, Brandon Evans, Work-Shop, Gary Kulak, Alex Saeedy, Nick Gray, Catherine Leigh Schmidt, Adriana Gallo, Sarah Pease, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Ryan Flomerfelt, Alex Hadik, Tim Zarki, Milan K-S, Gavin Atkinson, Ian Francis Robinson, Ben Snell, Pneuhaus, Elizabeth Meiklejohn, Pierie Korostoff, Layla May Ehsan, Nathan Zack, Tristan Rodman, Peter Bussigel, Polina Godz, Íñigo López Vázquez, Michael H. Stewart, Erik Frobom, Jacob Sysak, Max Fowler, Ronen V, Ingrid Lange, Kyle Giddon, Tya Abe, Evan Finkle.

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