Lukas, mathematician / designer / researcher / whatever.

2016 - Syllabus Archive
Trying to make structures and sequences of knowledge more public.
2015 - RISD Museum Tour: Playful Spaces
Frame-breaking museum tour.
2015 - Polynomial Graphs on Finite Fields
Small-scale graph generation & isomorphism investigation.
2015 - Pneumatic Igloo
Intro to inflatable architecture.
2015 - Hopscotch
A brand and pair of overalls.
2015 - Studio Applied Math
Treating the math classroom like an atelier.
2014 - non-space
Ephemeral art show.
2014 - Return Maps & Chaos in 2-Bus Loop
Finding chaos in a two-agent system.
2013 - Stress Analysis in Particulate Flows
Understanding granular stress chains.
2013 - Video Game Maps
Place & space & identity in video games.

Quick Résumé:

Currently managing the Brown Design Workshop and fellow at The DO.

Big projects are Hopscotch and interviewing my friends, with GIFs.

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