I'm going to leave twitter. I have toyed with this idea for years, and vaguely attempted it a few times, but now it's necessary.

It's amazing anyone gets anything done, to me. I just want to follow everything and consume everything I see. I can spend all day reading articles and books and watching things people recommend, only to end the day with some thoughts in my head and eyes pained by a long day at a screen.

I know that unless I make something, I don't synthesize. I have to write to understand, and build to see how something works. (For this reason I've started writing a short summary of everything I read that takes more than ~15minutes.)

Attempts to keep up with the consumption and interests of my friends is stripping me of time to develop and pursue my own interests. (They obviously aren't mutually exclusive, though!)

I don't even have a very good filter between "what's interesting/relevant" to me and what isn't. And I don't want to change this—I think it helps me celebrate the things at my periphery and keep a broad perspective on my work.

Pulling myself off twitter hurts for two reasons:

  1. I have met tons of amazing people and keep in touch with many through the site.
  2. Twitter enables dissemination & construction of digital work in an intuitive mode.

But, in response:

  1. I feel secure in my network right now. I feel comfortable, for the first time in 5 years, getting out of a "meeting people" mode.
  2. I don't want to be involved so much in short-term media content cycles. Time on twitter makes me feel like I can't construct a thought longer than a few tweets. I think I can find other ways to disseminate & discuss.

I am part of a digital city and hope to leave the infrastructural engagement of public-construction to other members of the commons. Perhaps people who enjoy it, or get paid for it.

The projects that are most fulfilling to me are long-term physical realities. Making my pneumatic bubble, developing the space of the BDW, publishing a research paper. I want to reclaim a longer wavelength in my thinking patterns, something that I feel twitter actively chips away at.

I might still announce some projects on twitter as they come, but if you want to chat, send me an email!

update 15 October: I've been off twitter for a week! and am starting a little blog instead.